Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Cloud GPU-technologies NVIDIA for the third time raise the computer industry to a new level

GPU for graphics, GPU for faster computation, and now GPU for the cloud
Today, NVIDIA has launched the GPU Technology Conference (GTC), introducing the third innovation since it was founded 19 years ago: technologies that accelerate cloud computing, thanks to the enormous computing capabilities of the GPU.
NVIDIA's cloud GPU technology, which took five years to build, is based on the new architecture of the Kepler GPUs, designed for use in large data centers. Due to its ability to create a virtual environment, access to the GPU simultaneously receives a lot of users. The possibility of ultra-fast streaming of data displays minimizes delays, creating the feeling that the data center is right outside the door. And exceptional energy efficiency and data density reduce infrastructure costs.
The introduction of cloud GPU technology is another huge breakthrough in NVIDIA after the invention of the GPU in 1999, which radically changed the visual computations, and the invention of CUDA® in 2006, the technology of parallel processing, which significantly increased computing performance.
"Cloud computing technologies based on Kepler architecture transfer cloud computing to a new level," said Jensen Huang, president and CEO of NVIDIA. - The GPU becomes irreplaceable. It is extremely important for gamers and CG-artists. It is necessary for devices with a touch screen for smooth and expressive graphics. With the new NVIDIA technologies, the cloud GPU will provide an amazing workflow for those who work remotely, as well as gamers seeking to play off-line from a PC or console. "
The NVIDIA VGX ™ platform is the implementation of cloud technologies based on the Kepler architecture for professionals, accelerating virtualized desktops. Enterprises can use this platform to provide smooth remote processing of data, which makes it possible to stream data to laptops and mobile devices even in the most demanding applications.
NVIDIA GeForce GRID is the implementation of cloud technologies based on Kepler for gamers, providing cloud computing services for computing resources. Suppliers of such services will use cloud technologies to provide an amazing remote game process that can potentially outperform the quality of games on consoles.
Additional information can be found in separate press releases describing the VGX platform and GeForce GRID technology, as well as a press release presenting NVIDIA Tesla® graphics processors based on the Kepler architecture that give rise to new standards in high-performance computing.
As part of the main GTC report, representatives of key partners of NVIDIA supporting cloud technologies joined the scene to Mr. Huang. These include: David Yen, the head and senior vice president of Data Center Group at Cisco; Brad Peterson, technical strategist, and Sumit Dhawan, vice president and general manager of Citrix; David Perry (David Perry), CEO and co-founder of Gaikai; as well as Grady Cofer, Head of Visual Effects at Industrial Light & Magic.

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